Pinan Shodan-The reason you won't find an application of three block ups in a row is that the bunkai isn't one continous fight-it's a series of techniques. So if you do find it, it probably won't make sense. Here is one application
1. Someone grabs your left wrist and cocks their left hand to punch, YOU step in and execute what looks like a block up-only it's a forearms strike up under the chin and brachial stun-in the kata you practice with one hand then the other.-no back peddling, walking backwards in long stances-it's attacking the attacker.
Or it could be defense to a grab to the shirt,hair,hook punch-block up, step in, pull down, block up-strike to jaw, neck
The third time you are practicing the technique followed by a take down-that's what the turns are for-tuite applications.
Each of the kata, Pinan, Naifanchi, Chinto, Gojushiho, Kusanku also teaches specific footwork that is included in the techniques that involve "body shifting" "tai sabaki" whatever you want to call it.
I study a traditional Okinawan style so the applications may be different than yours.


PS-no charge, no dvd to buy, and there are no secrets only things you don't know yet.