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Ashihara karate is FAR from being a type of Sport Karate the same as Kyokushin and Enshin are also the same. We practice FULL contact knockdown Karate not tippy tappy bouncy bouncy 1 strike and stop stuff like "Sports Karate" The ground work is from my Assistant Instructors and My experience In Jujitsu and professional wrestling, so far from being wishful
We in Ashihara practice Jissen (Real Combat) based Kata

Sorry but I don't buy "Ashihara karate as being FAR from Sport Karate", simply because of the focus on knockdown shiai. Also most Anshihara/Enshin/Kyokushin schools (I have seen at the least) hardly every leave their rule bound kumite-format.

What I see in Ashihara kata are good tai-sabaki principles. These are however not unique to Ashihara karate, the intense focus on these principles might be however. We work 'the blindspot' in our karate system aswell. We even use different approaches for that.
Sabaki principles can also be seen in Aikido, Kendo and Kobudo etc.

Back to self defense tactics being trained for kata or not.
We train certain SD tactics that are seen in kata, Naifanchi-no-kata, Ten-i-no-kata and Wankan-no-kata come to mind.
Some of these tactics are introduced before the kata is being introduced. Other times these are introduced along with the kata.