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Ashihara karate is FAR from being a type of Sport Karate the same as Kyokushin and Enshin are also the same. We practice FULL contact knockdown Karate-

Do you compete in FULL contact knockdown karate tournaments?

My experience In Jujitsu and professional wrestling, so far from being wishful

My point exactly-if you have to find the techniques outside your style then the kata of your style does not include those techniques meaning you discovered the techniques by looking at a technique from the kata and made a jujitsu or wrestling application=which is reverse engineering. I'm not saying it's bad or wrong I was just saying that you wouldn't find those techniques in the style of karate that you practice-you had to go outside the style. SO then the question is is it bunkai of the kata? You can argue either way.

This was more aimed at Traditional Karate Shools, We in Ashihara practice Jissen
(Real Combat) based Kata

I would argue that the head high roundhouse kicks take it out of the "real Combat" arena and put it in the competition karate atena but that has been argued here many, many times.