Thank you for your response, I am truly grateful for your feed back

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The self defence techniques are the bunkai-at least the way I teach it. Neck wrenches and ground fighting bunkai from a sport fighting "kata"...sounds like wishful reverse engineering.....

Ashihara karate is FAR from being a type of Sport Karate the same as Kyokushin and Enshin are also the same. We practice FULL contact knockdown Karate not tippy tappy bouncy bouncy 1 strike and stop stuff like "Sports Karate" The ground work is from my Assistnnt Instructors and My experience In Jujitsu and professional wrestling, so far from being wishful

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....And to repeat your own question-"Why do you teach this kata if Pinan, Naifanchi, Kusanku, etc. have all the techniques you need?


This was more aimed at Traditional Karate Schools, We in Ashihara practice Jissen (Real Combat) based Kata
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