Question, how many of you have a series of Self Defence Techniques for each grade that are part of your syllabus?

Why is this?

For those who have, do you not see the techniques in the kata you practice? It has been agreed long since by many Senior Yudansha that the Pinan/Heian series of Kata holds everything you need to defend yourself IF you understand and teach the correct techniques within those kata.

That Kushanku (Kanku Dai), Bassai (Dai) and Naihanchi (Tekki) were complete fighting systems etc, why then add more to the mix.

Also the step forward Lunge punch, how many of you have been attacked in the street by this technique, I am sure it would be now more than 1%?

Do any not practice Self defence Techniques but instead USE techniques in the kata that is already instilled into the workings of your brains etc?

Below is the first kata I teach to my students, in it I have found 3 neck wrenches and 7 ground fighting scenarios from it
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