I'm a big fan of sword fighting movies, and by far my favorite is the Zatoichi films and tv show. The star who plays Ichi the Blind Masseur and gambler is Shintaro Katsu, and the one thing that is obvious, even to a casual observer, is that he grips his cane sword in a reverse manner, blade out and gripped like a stabbing knife. I know this is the movies we're talking about here, but was this style ever a real sword style that was taught by some master to students at a dojo? The style is obviously derived from an Iaido style, as often the character draws and cuts in the same motion. Is anyone familiar with this style, and does it have a name? Zatoichi does use a traditional sword style as well, in particular when he is seperated from or unable to use his cane sword, but that is rare for him. IN THE MOVIES (I know- not real life) he is very effective with this style, often stabbing those who come up behind him, as well as working very well in close quarters and interior spaces. He also incorporates alot of judo/jiujitsu moves into his fighting style. Surely Shintaro was basing this style on some noted sword style from the past- your thoughts and or answers would be greatly appreciated!! This is my first post, so be gentle ha ha.
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