Just looking back at this thread. Currently finding my job has moved to the most stress I have ever had and is getting worse. Have looked for way to alleviate this even discussing with my place of work that won't do anything even though they agree there are problems. In fact they want me to take on more roles that will increase my stress levels; not sure I am up for this and may be detrimental to my health. And sadly it is not something I can say no to.

I talked earlier about tightness in my chest; can't remember if I ever discussed what was found out. I can't remember the terminology but the valve that I have that releases acid is gone and when stressed it dumps too much and than this gives me the tightness; had nothing to do with my heart; phew. On medication for this that has helped up until this point where my stress levels are off the chart; which means my blood pressure is up there to.

My pulse rate is still very decent with typing right now and checking it is 52 bpm. Suspect when I go home my BP will be 150-160/80. Got to alleviate this stress to get back to normal rates. Life other than work is good; so when at rest there is no stress thankfully.

EDIT: IT is called a Hiatal Hernia and it is the diaphragm that is gone.

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