At my strongest I was 34 years old; I'm now 43 and I have exceeded many of feats. I can't bench or squat as much but getting there; so close; probably only 16 lbs for my bench and if I had to guess on squats; 25+ lbs. I can Deadlift more and can curl more. Probably about the same for Military Press.

I have refocused as of lately. I have also learned more about my body. I need MORE rest; 48 hours between lifts is not enough and I can easily do a week between lifts and make gains.

I haven't taken supplements for years; have thought about it but have opted not to right now as daughter going through college and she is a priority; little things like this will have to wait and to be honest I get what I need. I do however need to do cardio; have been putting that off. I have putted on some unwanted weight; not a lot but I'm anal about that so drives me nuts. I also need to eat a little cleaner. I was doing so well however I need to do a little more. Plus also finding it hard to find a balance between eating enough and not enough.

Things are going great; couldn't be happier with the progress.