Meet the new Broncos, same as the old Broncos.Despite wholesale changes made in the offseason to the front office, coaching staff and roster, the result was essentially the same for Denver on Monday night. The Broncos fell to the Raiders 23-20, their fourth straight loss to their rivals in silver and black and 17th loss overall in their past 21 games.The game was a sloppy affair, repeatedly interrupted by penalties and scuffles, along with a rainstorm that made the ball difficult to hold on to. That led to six fumbles and a lot of missed tackles, mainly by the group of players wearing the bright orange jerseys. New Broncos head coach John Fox converted the team to a 4-3 defense this offseason,though the personnel on the field likely didn't reflect thevision Fox has for his unit, as an undersized defensive line was pushed around by the physical Raiders run game.