Not all in Aikido emphasize the internal aspects of Ki (Qi, Chi), but some schools cultivate it in meditation, throwing, and staff; as mine did.

When water is rushing through a fire hose at a high pressure rate, and flowing out of the nozzle, it is nearly impossible to bend sideways. This is due to the internal strength of the water flowing within.

This is the same energy that is used in internal martial arts, and is strengthened with the training method 'Unbendable Arm', made famous by Aikido Grandmaster Uyshiba.
See: http://aikidoforbeginners.blogspot.com/2007/06/unbendable-arm.html

Stand in a relaxed horse stance with one fully extended arm raised to the side. The arm should be slightly curved inward with fingers extended, palm up.

Flow energy from your Lower Dantien, through your arm and about 4 inches past your fingers.

This flow through your arm; is like the flow of water through a hose, except for the wetness.

A good example to try; is to attempt to bend a hose. While water is rushing through it, if it is a fire hose it will be impossible. Have a classmate attempt to bend the arm at the elbow. Your arm will be firm, but not the definition of
tightly contracted muscles (bands separated and pumped).

Next check the arm by someone tapping the arm. It should not be flaccid or limp; yet it should sway slightly with the blow. If muscles are tense; it will not sway, only jerk. The firmness of the armís meat; is similar to the touch of excellent muscle tone.

This muscle-meat is the conduit and capacitor of Qi.
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, pages 51-52.

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