More Hsing-i Books

XingYiquan, Theory, Applications, fighting Tactics and Spirit: by Liang, Shou-Yu & Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.

Chinese Mind-Boxing, by Robert Smith, Advise From the Masters, by KuoYun-Shen

Hsing-I: Chinese Mind-Body Boxing by Robert Smith, from Kodansha Press in Japan (1981, ISBN 0-87011-476-X, but his new book called Hsing Yi, with his student is not recommended, due to its external focus. Good reprinting recently: Hsing-I book title, now Hsing-i: Chinese Mind-Body Boxing, originally ISBN 1-55643-455-3 by North Atlantic Books.

Classical Xingyi Quan Vol 111, Xingyi Mu Quan (Mother Fist) by Jiang Rongqiao (1929), translated by Joseph Crandell (1999), Smiling Tiger Martial Arts, Pinole, CA, 94564.
This is an excellent translation by Joseph. He learned from Peter Ralston who learned from Grandmaster Wong Jack Man.

Xing Yi Nei Gong by Dan Miller and Tim Cartwell 1994, High View Publishing, Pacific Grove ISBN 1-883175-04-6.
This book is known for securing and transmitting information from old Hsing-I manuals and collecting in one volume.
The Author of the new book Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout