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but one must link the whole torso with the lower body to get the power to make it work best.Being light on your feet is great for reactions and dodging techniques, but when inside one must set their feet to link the whole body. This way the elbow strike can do the most damage.

When I first started out, I had the tendancy to only use my upper body strength for elbow strikes. These days my core is much stronger than then, and that, along with better hip rotation, makes it a quicker movement that comes with increased power. Also I find that keeping the elbow closer to the body when striking, as opposed to flaring it out, allows me to get my lats into it and really put my legs into it as well. Same principle as throwing a hook. It's a strike that should incorporate the whole body because as you're rotating out with your elbow, the opposite side of your upper body is pulling (rotating) away, which creates an unbelievable amount of force.
Elbow strikes are part of our training in every class, and many of our forms incorporate them as well.
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