After a summer layoff of 3 weeks off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off I decided it is back to working hard again. I'm 3 weeks back into lifting and today was an awesome arm workout. Here is part of my bicep workout.

One-Arm Seated Concentrated Curls; per arm:

44 lbs x 18 = warm up; 60 seconds
54 lbs x 16 = easy lift; 60 seconds
64 lbs x 12 = moderate lift; 60 seconds
74 lbs x 8 = failure; no break
95 lbs x 19 = standing barbell curl to failure; no break
70 lbs x 18 = standing barbell curl to failure

One-Arm Seated Concentrated Curls; per arm - 1RM = 93.73 lbs

After all of this time off I am back to where I was and they way I'm lifting I will make better gains.

I changed up my workout slightly due to I need more time for my wife and life.

1. Chest
2. Biceps
3. Back
4. Delts & Triceps
5. Legs

I try to do all in a weekday but doesn't always work however I'm getting 4 days in most times. The only thing different is I broke out the Chest and Bicep day to separate to afford more time. I am taking up a lot of time working coming home and then working out leaving my wife to always have suppers made and such; I need to share more of that.

I have found I CANNOT work out my Legs with the next day Chest; I need a minimum of 2 days between to get the best lifts out of me. This means when life gets in the way I have to arrange this schedule a bit but I get all muscle groups hit.

Today, 2079 days lifting. Got to keep it going even when I don't feel like lifting. Got to keep from "going through the motion" and put my all into it. Lots to work on. Also have to introduce cardio; I'm starting to get some unwanted weight that I don't need. I'm at 208 lbs (5'8") and could afford to lose 5 or more pounds. Time to get back to skipping and thinking about getting a heavy bag and put in the garage. Still want to lift for life.

Over and Out.