Enshin Karate
You can't learn Enshin without contact. It just wouldn't work. Kind of like non contact BJJ...FAIL!
Full contact sparring. No head punches. Shin guards compulsory, grappling gloves, cup and mouth guard optional. Chest guard compulsory for the girls. Enshin is different to other styles, in that there is a lot of grabbing and takedowns. Doing drills is great for learning the techniques, but it's not until you apply it at full speed and power do you learn how to really apply it. Coming from a background in a style that is very linear, and going to Enshin which is very angular, I've found that in sparring I tend to revert back to linear fighting. Sparring is allowing me to work through that. I do the drills perfectly, but go back to my old ways in sparring. Sparring is helping me improve that, and helping me to adjust to the speed at which you must react to make it work. Your skill isn't tested until it has been put against an uncooperative opponent who is fighting back with full speed and power.