I need you guys to advise me what the Sine Wave is for.

I have popped to my local ITF Dojang, got my ITF Dobok and raring to go, even though I got to put on a White belt again.

I need to understand the SineWave, what's it for?

What's the application of the technique, with the "up/Down" effect comes into play?

Where did it originate from as I have researched some ITF schools don't teach the Sine Wave to their Forms (Poomsae)?

Is it more Western Schools putting the Sine Wave in as opposed to Korean School etc/

I'm also learning Koryo Poomsae (WTF) from a student of mine.

I am Japanese/Korean Karate based as you already know and we tend to glide without a Sine Wave on the Forms I'm used to doing.

Looking forward to your responses etc

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