Just a couple things that I have noticed while doing my flexibility work.

The first one is when I am in the straddle position trying to stretch out my inner thigh I usually have to stop due to a discomfort in my outer thigh (I suppose around the glute med. area), rather than me stopping due to the stretch around the inner thigh. I also feel this when kicking, having to stop my kick short due to this discomfort rather than a stretch of the inner thigh. Is this normal to feel?

The other query is a clicking in the left hip joint. It's not painful or anything but my kicks on the left don't seem to have as full a range of motion as my right and I wonder the two are related. The most noticeable time I hear these clicks are when I am lying on my back and my left leg is raised then when I bring it down just over half way it clicks. Thing is my right leg does this action very smoothly.

So, any ideas guys?