According to Cikgu Hisham Giant( National Secretary of Persatuan Seni Silat LianPadukan Malaysia), whoever wants to learn LianPadukan, the new students needs to learn to accept pain of being hit, strong mental & fizical fitness and an open mind. Being in a real fight is painful, so new students need to learn to endure and accept pain. LianPadukan do not teaches and encourage the practitioner to start a fight but if there's a need to fight, the practitioner have learned the skills & arts of fighting. Before being hit by the enemy in a real fight, LianPadukan teaches it's practitioner to endure being hit and also how to strike the enemy. Whatever it is, LianPadukan teaches the concept & philosophy of "Want To Hit but Dont Want to be Hit". LianPadukan teaches the practitioner to always be cautious, curious and always ready.
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