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Better than the first one, but still overly formalized. I think TKD has degenerated into garbage.

I love these quotes. You have to put what you are looking at into prospective. First, these are demo teams whose sole purpose is to entertain and you see it in EVERY ART! You see it in the chinese arts when they're dancing around the floor swinging those big weapons around. Is that reality or practical? You should not be judging the art on this basis.Its like sparring, is that reality, sure it has benefits (endurance,strategy, seeing if you can take a hit), but its NOT self defense! The art is as good as the person training in it and HOW they train in it. If your training to be on the demo team and need to have gymnastic abilities, thats how you train. If you compete, your training for sparring in the rule set of the format you are looking to compete in (just look at the UFC "TUF" program).If you are looking to train in self defense, then you need to disect the art and look at how it can be applied. Most arts are not that different when you start to look at fundamentals. Thats what you should be judging.