Hi Zach_Zin..
i'm not surprised that you mention silat LianPadukan resembles Xingyi. I've got other people says that LianPadukan looks like Wing Chun..One thing for sure it is a kind of Kung Fu style of fighting..In Malaysia, most silat styles will have some kind of locking technique. However, in LianPadukan, there's no locking involved. Only striking technique. Even when blocking a punch, a LianPadukan practitioner do not simply block it, he will strike or 'titik' the attacker's hand.Then the LianPadukan practitioner will counter attack with his 'perisai'.The 'perisai' will act as a shield if the attacker launches a second punch with the other hand, but the 'perisai' will strike the attacker's face if the attacker's other hand is not active.Then, a LianPadukan practitioner will strike with a punch that follows up the 'perisai'.This is the basic of Jurus 1 in the LianPadukan sylibus..

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