3rd Annual US Open Martial Arts Championship 2011

Martial Arts Competition of All Styles

Chinese Martial Arts/Kung Fu ~ Karate ~ Tae Kwon Do ~ Internal Martial Arts ~ Light Contact Sparring ~ Push Hands ~ Chi Sao ~ Short Weapon Sparring ~ Open Hand and Weapon Forms

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New York City - Queens College~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sunday Oct. 9th, 2011

Last Year's US Open 2010 Masters Demonstrations

Queens College, NY. FitzGerald Gym
65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367

Registration Fee
One Event: $60 (Before Sept. 20th)
One Event: $70 (After Sept. 20th or at the door)
Each Additional Event: $10
(At the door registration must pay with cash only)
Spectator Fee: $10
(Must be purchased together with the competitorís registration before Sept. 20th)
Spectator Fee: $20 (At the Door)

Competing Divisions
1. Long Fist Style (Wushu, Cha Quan, Hua Quan, Pao Quan, Hong Quan, Shaolin, & Other)
2. Northern Style (Mian Quan, Tong Bei, Praying Mantis, Fanzi Quan, Baji Quan, & Other)
3. Southern Style (Wing Chun, Hung Ga, Lau Ga, Choy Li Fut, & Other)
4. Internal Style (Taichi Quan, Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, & Others)
5. Physical Contact Style (Light Contact Sparring, Mixed Martial Arts, Stationary Push Hands, & Chi Sao)
6. Karate (All Styles)
7. Tae Kwon Do (All Styles)
8. Qigong (Hard Qigong, Conditioning, & Special Qigong)
9. Short Weapon Sparring
10. Two or More Person Routine Sets
11. Team Demo Competition
12. Disabled Person Competition

8 AM - Competitors registration
9 AM - Opening Ceremony
9:30 AM - Light Contact Sparring & Mixed Martial Arts & Push Hands & Chi Sao
11:30AM - Northern Style & Southern Style
Long Fist Style & Internal Style
Karate & Tae Kwon Do Kata & Qigong
Team Demo Competition & Two Men Routine Sets
Short Weapon Sparring
Disabled Person Competition
5:30 PM - Master Demonstrations
6:30 PM - Award Ceremony
7 PM - Finish

For more information, please visit www.usopenmartialarts.com
Email: usopenma@gmail.com

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