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One of the main problems when confronted with a street self defense situation. Are the effects of adrenaline. Though it prepares body and mind for physical exertion it also disturbs your fine motor skills and may cause those jelly arms and legs. My way of trying to emulate these effects is a 1 minute sprint after which sparring immediately commences.
My question to you is whether you know of any other exercises which may yield the same or a better result or are more efficient.

Sprinting will get adrenaline pumping, but in a Fight or Flight situation it's a LOT of adrenaline all at once. Generally it's very difficult to simulate this.

Sparring is good - in the beginning, but once you get used to sparring with rules the Fight or Flight is lessened... unless you glove up with someone like Mike Tyson.

So instead of trying to similate it, look for methods of minimizing the effect - one of my instructors also works door security at night clubs so has had a lot of experience in such situations - keep the legs moving a little shifting weight from one to the other, you might look like you need to pee, but your knees wont be shaking, keep your hands moving he rubs his hands like you might if you were cold... adrenaline wobbles come mostly when limbs are static, so it helps quite a bit.

Other than that, train hard, all the time o stuff becomes instinct and that can help too.
I do Wing Chun, BJJ, Muay Thai, and a little Submission Wrestling.