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Lian Padukan
Article written by Nigel Sutton

Lian Padukan is a form of Malay martial art (Buah Pukul) and yet it is quite distinct from other forms of Malay martial art. Lian means "way" while Padukan means "fortified strength".

In the 21st Century the Martial Arts have come of age with many exponents cross-training in a number of disciplines in order to ensure that they develop a weel -rounded range of skills. Silat Lian Padukan embodies this ethos of constant improvement and innovation so that an art which was brought to Singapore in the 19th Century by a part Arab-part Chinese Moslem has grown to encompass the Malay art of Silat and the Thai art of Muay Thai. And always this art has been put to the test with generation after generation of exponents fighting both armed and unarmed to prove the efficacy of their art.

The Master who gave this art its current name, Guru Tua Pak Mat Kedidi, is no exception having earned the nom de guerre of The Black Beetle when fighting his way to become a Thai Boxing champion in southern Thailand. He acquired this name because of the buzzing sound his kicks made as they cut through the air and into the opponent with unswerving accuracy.

Pak Mat took the art handed down through successive generations from the time that Syed Abdul Rahman Al-yunani came to Singapore in 1836 and combined it with his experience in numerous other styles of Silat as well as Muay Thai (Tomoi) to create the 99 forms of Lian Padukan. Included among the Lian are the two principal weapons of the art, the staff and the tekpi (iron three pronged truncheons known in Japanese Marial Arts circles as Sai).

Although the entire syllabus maybe learnt in 6 or 7 months of intensive study, to become fully competent takes the average student two years. Those who wish to further their study may undergo the formal Khatam ceremony after which they will be eligible to learn the advanced techniques including the infamous Tujoh Makam (also known as the Buah Seminggu), which involves seven days of intensive training with each and every hour spent one on one with the teacher.

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