Wow, I missed all this - been on holiday. Why is Christy so upset? Did I date her in my youth? If I did, she was a forgettable lay. Also, I am not a demon, so knowing my true name doesnt give anyone power over me. Just thought i would clarify that for any other haters out there wink

Anyway, belatedly, regarding the fight, I was utterly dismayed by Haye, his pre-fight shenanigans, his in-fight performance, and his post-fight excuse making.

A broken little toe does not, in any way, explain his poor performance. Big toe? yes, little toe, no way. Besides which, knowing weeks in advance of the injury, and not having an orthotic insert made to take pressure off the toe, considering the resources available to him, is just ridiculous.

His problem was believing his own smack talk. He underestimated Wlad, and went in with a headhunting, one-shot approach, presuming that he would be quicker, and that Wlad would not have the reactions to deal with it.

It became evident within 90 seconds that this was not going to work, and yet Haye and his corner did not have the brains to change tactics.

Haye only threw 5 jabs in the whole fight, and all 5 landed on target. If he had spent more time boxing, and less time goading and trying to play the ref. for points, he would have made a fight of it, sore foot or not.

Klitchko on the other hand, impressed me greatly. Tight orthodox boxing, nice, if linear, footwork, and a good eye to read Haye's weakpoints from the first bell. I still think he has wasted his career protecting his belt by refusing to fight in the US, and by hand-picking lesser caliber oponents, and I still think he is a very beatable boxer, but he clearly can raise his game when the occassion calls for it.

If there is to be a rematch (and Wlad owes Haye no favours in this respect), then Haye needs to concentrate on the fight, not all the BS around it, and he needs to actually box- something he has proven more than capable of in the past, but inexplicably chose not to do when it mattered most.

He has the tools to beat Klitchko, he just didnt use them on the night, due to hubris and blinkered vision.
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