Yeah, we do. Actually I think I joined just after they switched over to rotating curriculum. I really, really like it and hope to see it implemented more often.

Here's how it works:
The instructor teaches the same moves to everyone in the class, from the yellow belts all the way to the black belts (the white belts have separate, easier curriculum.) We have the same curriculum for two months, then we all test together. Then the curriculum changes. We call these two month periods "testing cycles". (I know two months seems frequent but we have like 20 belt ranks so yeah shocked )

I really love it because I get to meet everyone from all different belt levels, and we all help each other learn the material. There is a team and family type feeling among all the ranks that you just can't create with separate curriculum smile And I know you think "wait but how could a yellow belt do the same stuff as a brown belt?". The instructors realize this, and, of course, expect better technique and skill from the higher ranks.

Hope that helps!

Also! I forgot to add. At our studio the test to earn your black belt or get your 2nd/3rd degree is almost completely based on strenght/conditioning (it's an insane amount of conditioning!). Hope that helps explain more smile

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