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To quote my karate instructor "Use tuite when you are better, bigger or stronger than your opponent." It works even better if you have two or three on your side. The problem-I can tell when I'm bigger, I can guess when I am stronger but there is only one way to tell if I am better.
As a cop I have used tuite numerous times on single subjects who were bigger and stronger.My job was to take them down, control and cuff. As a civilian why am I holding them? Waiting for the police to arrive? ok Waiting for them to say uncle and give up? ok-if they play by the rules...I wouldn't bet on it.
For those who advocate choking...better check your local laws some juristictions consider it deadly force not what you want to do if you want to stay out of jail-unless they were trying to kill you.



I had to go to court as a witness of a bar fight

The guy choking someone got the worse judgement then all of the others whom exchanged strikes (with others) combined!!!!