trevek- No, polak, from the where David Lloyd is in the U.K., Mecca is EAST. East by southeast to be exact, but still east.

MattJ- How's that hope & change workin' out for ya? Get stomped by a black flashmob yet? Pipsqueak.

Cord- Where are you?! I thought you guaranteed that David Haye would beat either Klitschko? I thought you said he would knock out Wladimir in 5 rounds? I thought you said he was the most explosive fighter since Tyson? $hit, David Haye pu$$ied out of fights with both Klitschko's on 3 different occasions, ran his big fat mouth about what he would do to them, and then when the time came, he ran like a girl and flopped like a fish all night... Not that Klitschko fought a great fight (he's 35 and looked every bit of it) but I still wish he had knocked that phony little bum out, if only to imagine the look on your goofy, bald-headed face, David Lloyd. Ah well... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !!!!!