In LianPadukan, there is 4 basic movement called Jurus which teaches the use of hands, elbows, knees and the foot to kicks. Perisai is the usage of the knife like palm of the hand to strike and blocking the enemy while moving forward, inwards or outwards and it is an important movement which is applied in every stage of Lian.
After mastering the Jurus, practitioner will learn the next stage called Lian. Lian is a similar concept to 'Kata' in Karate and other japanese/chinese martial arts.
There is 4 stage of Lian in which each stage contains 4 different level of Lian to master. During these stages, practitoner will learn techniques, tactics and applications that are related to each Lian. Practitioners skills will developt and enchance during each stages of Lian.
In LianPadukan, practitioners will learn techniques and tactics such as 'Rebut'(how to brake down the enemys defence), 'Reju'(continues pressure to the enemy), 'Turut'(how to move forward,sideways following the enemys movement), 'Titik'(how to brake down enemys hand strike) and 'Makan Gerak'(how to counter enemys attack).

A. Sylibus Lianpadukan

- Peringkat Jurus
1. Jurus Satu (Tumbuk)
2. Jurus Dua (Siku)
3. Jurus Tiga (Lutut)
4. Jurus Empat (Kaki)

- Lian stage 1 Lian Gelek 2 belah
1. Lian Selak Panjang
2. Lian Siku
3. Lian Singkap
4. Lian Selak Pendek

- Lian stage 2 Lian Reju
5. Lian Reju
6. Lian Tangkap Tembung
7. Lian Badik
8. Lian Cangkul

- Lian stage 3 Lian Tumbuk Mengambil
9. Lian Lintang
10. Lian Sepak Yim
11. Lian Kwantung
12. Lian Kopak

- Lian stage 4 Lian Pagar
13. Lian Pagar Simbuh
14. Lian Pagar Tedung Berlipat
15. Lian Pagar Semutar
16. Lian Gulung

Belt system in LianPadukan -

*Black -
New student.

*Black/Red -
Mastered the jurus level.

*Red -
Mastered the stage 1 Lian.

*Green -
Mastered the stage 2 Lian.

*Yellow -
Mastered the stage 3 Lian.

*White -
Mastered the stage 4 Lian.

*Black with Red,Green,Yellow,White strips with White circle -
Graduated or 'Khatam Istiadat' which carries the title 'Cikgu' and will be allowed to open classes to teach LianPadukan.
Persatuan Seni Silat LianPadukan - Ta' Melayu Hilang Di Dunia..