In Silat LianPadukan, there is no rolling,no dancing,no laying down,no turning around,no running. In LianPadukan, punching means 'Buah', perisai (palm) means 'pukul'. When we punch, the enemy blocks, we will counter.The same when the enemy punch, we will counter. In LianPadukan, offensive strikes are the main concept rather than defensive. This are the main concept which is not much different than the original 'Buah pukul' concept.
Basicly, LianPadukan teaches its practitioner to launch a contineus pattern of strikes that is aggressive and will not allow the enemy to strike back. And that is the philosophy of Silat 'Buah Pukul' Lian. Once a LianPadukan attackes in closed range, he will contineusly pressure the enemy with a pattern of strikes that will broken down the enemies defence and will contineu to strikes until the enemy is defeated or falls flat on the ground.
LianPadukan is not a defensive or pasive form of martial arts. It is an offensive, pro active, aggressive and dangerous form of martial arts.
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