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Not saying it "wouldn't work on the street" as I think plenty og Judo would, but it is what it is and definitely that is a limitation of most Judo training I have seen...almost 100% focus on winning sport, and it rarely seems to leave that realm.

You will not learn to block or evade punches in judo and it works best if you can get close to your opponent.

Are you actually disagreeing with that Prize? As far as I am concerned this is a 100% true statement and can be verified simply by going to a Judo class..the vast majority of them only address what happens in randori with another Judoka, which does not include strikes in any way.

To a certain extent yes. I'm not saying Judo is a great art for blocking strikes. To say that you will learn NOTHING in Judo that will help you avoid being struck is not entirely correct IMO though. The footwork used in Judo is useful in breaking grips and keeping you out of arms reach. Doesn't matter if a person is going to grab you or punch you, if you are out of arms reach neither of those things are going to happen. Additionly as I mentioned, in Judo it is possible to immobilize a persons arms or restrict their movement somewhat, which should reduce the risk of being punched.

For what it is worth I trained in boxing on and off for 8 years. Whereas you Zach see gaps in Judo that mean a Judoka is vunerable to getting hit (and I will admit there are gaps) I see similarities in the way boxers and judoka use footwork to move out of arms reach. I also noticed how difficult it can be to punch if a Judo player gets close and is able to gain certain grips over you and unbalance you.

Having studied both, I think a Judo offers more ways to deal with being struck with punches (or other arm strikes) than the other way round. I'm not saying doing Judo will be as good as boxing for avoiding punches. What I'm saying is there are areas in Judo that would help a person to avoid being struck. Judo players are still vunerable to strikes, but they can avoid strikes or reduce their severity by using skills that are already built in to their training.

As an example of the footwork/body movement in Judo that keeps a person out of arms reach, watch this clip from the excellent Jimmy Pedro/Rhadi Ferguson DVD about grip fighitng. Note how Rhadi moves out of arms reach at around 0:45 to stop Jimmy getting a grip. This same movement could be used to avoid a punch IMO:

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