Judo randori definitely doesn't adress striking, one of the first times I did it I inadvertently ridge handed someone in the face, he made me pay for it! I didn't even try though, his grip and kazushi literally just put my hand there, and being a total noob my body went back to Karate, which is what it knows. The format simply doesn't address strikes..not sure how that could be in dispute.

Judo is a fantastic art and sport, but claiming it addresses striking because some of the grips are high is far fetched to say the least. If you added strikes to Judo, let's say elbows, knees, headbutts to start with it completely changes the way you would do things, the whole setup of randori (find grips, use combo or counter throws) would not function the same if strikes were there.

Of course you could take Judo to these places if you wanted, but the vast majority of places don't, because their focus is on winning competitions, not broader combatives stuff.

Not saying it "wouldn't work on the street" as I think plenty og Judo would, but it is what it is and definitely that is a limitation of most Judo training I have seen...almost 100% focus on winning sport, and it rarely seems to leave that realm.

You will not learn to block or evade punches in judo and it works best if you can get close to your opponent.

Are you actually disagreeing with that Prize? As far as I am concerned this is a 100% true statement and can be verified simply by going to a Judo class..the vast majority of them only address what happens in randori with another Judoka, which does not include strikes in any way.

On top of this, alot of the kazushi movements and grip use could actually create an "orbit" (to use a kenpo term) that would magnify the punch you eat. Not trying to be down on Judo at all...just saying everything has it's limitations and Judo's big limitation is that almost exclusively everything you learn is designed to win against another Judoka. Unless you actually play the skills with some concept of striking or broader combatives involved they wouldn't really transfer automatically IMO.

Thought i'd add:

As far as I know Kano himself actually felt that the lack of strikes in Randori was problematic. Where did he write it? I don't remember but i'm fairly certain he mentioned it somewhere or other.

I'm no Judo expert by any means, but I will say as someone with a decent amount of striking experience that the first thing I had to do was unlearn those tendencies..Judo playing creates alot of openings to hit people.

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