I agree with that assessment. Despite his poor opponents, Wlad is probably the hardest puncher David has faced. That said, I think David is too fast to get caught with much.

At the same time, David is possibly the hardest hitting opponent Wlad has ever had to face. Wlad's punch resistance isn't great, he's been knocked down something like 9 times in his pro career. In his defense though, he has shown heart and stamina to get back up on many occasions. Against Samuel Peter he was down 3 times but got back up each time and eventually won the bout(see above clip).

David has also shown he can travel well. He beat Mormeck in France and Valuev in Germany, so going to Germany again won't phase him.

Thing is though this may be Haye's last fight. He plans to retire by his 31st birthday in October. With Vitali Klitschko scheduled to fight in September, this might be Haye's last fight.
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