Pause for a moment and consider what popularized the phrase, "fighting without fighting." It was Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee. The phrase was popularized by a work of fiction, and not a very plausible work of fiction at that.

"Fighting without fighting" is one of those self-contradictory phrases, like "knowing without knowing," that people sometimes mistake for wisdom. They assume anything so self-evidently silly must, in fact, be a cipher for some profound wisdom. But it's not. It's just self-contradictory rubbish. And it's designed to be.

Buddhists traditionally meditated on self-contradictory rubbish(e.g. "what is the sound of one hand clapping?") to remind themselves what a poor tool language was for apprehending reality. That the phrases were rubbish was exactly the point. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some martial arts teachers are now putting forward these nonsense phrases as meaningful. I believe this is what may have you confused.