My class is down to the old diehards right now. It's funny that only one person under thirty is training at this time. Thats how it goes.Our ages are 51,49,44,38,20 and our sensei who is 35.
The 44 year old started taking class at 320 lbs. He's down to about 245 now.Were all real proud of him.
This is a college town(Columbia Missouri) so in the summer we lose some of our classmates.Be that as it may I told my sensei that it might be time to look for white belts around town. Don't get me wrong we all get along but were always looking for new people. It's kind of funny, the twenty year old in our class said his girl-friend, a shodan wasn't coming back to class until we had some younger people in the class. As she put it, "there's too many old men in this class and no women." Ha!Ha!I don't blame her.I do miss her though. She was terrific at teaching Kata.