The same movements will often work against untrained attacks, you just need to take it there. Next time you work bong sau or whatever, just practice it against things that are habitual acts of violence, rounded punches, grab + rounded punches etc.

Most stuff that's good works against a variety of physical movement, that's what makes it good.

That said, what little wing chun i've been exposed to does seem to deal alot with dueling another WC guy...the movements aren't really that different from alot of other systems though, if you don't get that kind of experimentation and training in class then see if you can grab a friend and take the material there outside of class.

If you want some starter stuff to play with, if I remember two of the most common acts of violence are: Right rounded/haymaker punches, and grab + right punches.

One other piece of advice, whoever is throwing the punches needs to not intentionally be terrible, there are plenty of untrained fighters who can fight well, so "untrained" attack doesn't mean "moron who throws one terrible punch and stops".

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