That's great Choonbee!! It's great to see real progress. I remember when I got back into Training over three years ago I needed to lose some weight. It's so easy to let things get out of hand. T.V. and pizza are a bad way to spend your evenings.
I couldn't believe how out of shape I had gotten. It was pathetic. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Right off the bat we all started doing elevated pushups and all sorts of evil core exercises. I thought that I was gonna expire right there in my first class.
The thought came to me that this tight little group didn't like me and was trying to (A.) run my old butt off. (B.) See how red they could make the old guy's face turn.or (C.)Show the new guy how tough they were.
When I came back I figured out that it was none of the above. They worked that hard all the time and I had found some new friends to hang with.

keep training, mark