Hey all, new to the forums, but would like to give a brief history and ask a question I've been struggling to find an answer to for awhile. My dad was a Boxer in college, and started teaching me the sweet science since i was eight. My eight year old birthday present was a pair of boxing gloves. I've loved striking ever since, and have evolved from boxing to kickboxing to an irreplaceable love for Muay Thai. To say i have a firm grasp of these styles is an understatement, but i realize there is a lot i don't know, and even more i need to learn. With that being said, here's my burning question.

My weak point in my fight game has always been a lack of knowledge in Nutrition. Overall Nutrition. I've been lazy in researching this, and now I'm ready to get a firm grasp. Now at 24, I would love to have an intimate grasp of this knowledge instead of having to ask my father/coaches/friends for advice and tips. I've tried to find some information on the internet, and the links provided on your fine website, but i'm wondering if there is a book for overall nutritional needs for fighter's or athletes, and possibly another book on specialty nutrition for fighters/athletes. Geared towards diet, supplementing energy for hard workouts, essential nutrients... etc etc. Any information would be much appreciated! I know it may be a tall order, but you guys seem like a bunch of tall people smile
Thanks in advance all,
If you want to play, train your body. If you want to win, train your heart.