Unfortunate incident that happened to an aquitance of mine. The short story is that three girls jumped one girl. Police were not informed despite this happening in a busy downtown street with many bars and clubs.

The boyfriend of the girl who was attacked didn't get hurt seriously but did little to stop the three attackers. After the victums get attackers away they go down the street towards their cars. On the way they get attacked two more times by the three girls.

Where are the police and why can't this guy handle these three aggressive girls attacking his girlfriend. The boyfriend didn't handle the situation at all since he and his girlfriend were attacked two more times.

I hope all you practice occasionally sparring with multiple opponents because it's oh, so important for self defense.

But interesting enough I think that the guy struggled with how to handle the girls. Would you guys just break the three girl's teeth in to protect your girl? Would you defuse the situation with as little force as possible? Could you stop them and hope other men or their bf's don't confront you?