So I was wondering; how many of you practice techniques on a heavy bag &/or makiwara regularily, especially those that do not do any full contact or bogu kumite?

And how important do you think it is to practice on a heavy bag, makiwara or something else. Let me rephrase that; how important do you think it is to practice techniques at full power on equipment of any sort.

The question is centered towards power so let's leave hands conditioning and the alike out of it please.

As for me I believe it to be a absolute necessity in developing proper (powerful) technique.

If you don't hit things with full power your technique, albeit lightning fast and precise as many sportsmen (as I like to call them.) are it all crumbles if power is put in the equation.

Of course all the power in the world is useless unless you learn to use it, sparring, drills etc to develop timing and reflexes are also needed.

The results of semi-contact or even no contact ''karate'' are often displayed in many of it's hideous forms. I believe the most known and my personal favorite and great classic is the competitive kata man's banana hands.