Hi all

Looking for a bit of inspiration/advice if possible!

Myself and wife been involved in various martial arts for around 15 years and have been teaching kickboxing to various age groups for around 4 years. We have 4 successful clubs that we run from local leisure centres which have all seen good times and bad of course.

We both work, I run my own business and whilst we love nothing more than teaching we feel that we are stuck at a point and would like to combine the clubs together and teach from one location.

Our biggest gripe with leisure centres is that as Iím sure those of you are teaching your own classes from is the constant lack of clean floors, double booking, angry tennis players on the next courts, or idiots shouting over our teaching. Every week itís been a constant battle trying to sort out these issues, and of course thereís the old favourite of not being able to get onto our space and having to start 10-15 mins late...

We worked out that over the weeks and plus any other courses, personal classes we do we are spending the roughly the same amount of money as renting our own building to use full time.

Unfortunately the ideal area for us which is local rates are quite high on buildings, but we have located a place which already has a hall/workshop area, male & female changing/toilets, office, storage area (for equipment) and a large reception/waiting area. And is affordable to us!

Although reading through this you would think, well that sounds perfect whatís the problem? The fact of the matter is that the location is perfect it has pretty much everything for us apart from flooring but the training area would be quite a bit smaller than we are used to. Of course we could say yes its fine and we could fit X number of people in but having doubts about what the students would think?

Our initial idea was to split the classes up into juniors, adults, high grade, sparring, conditioning etc. etc. which we were planning to do at our current places but due to the cost of hire the rooms for extra hours it just wouldnít be worth it.

We feel that having our own place would be a much more professional look and benefit our students of having a private place to train with no interruptions and be of much more benefit to ourselves.

We are aware of all the costing etc. but wondering if anyone else had opened up their own private place of downsized in training area?

Your views and comments would be very much appreciated!