My experience with Shaolin Do about ten years ago:

The instructor was a fifteen year old red belt..who explained to me that the historical significance of a red belt was that it would be covered in an opponents blood..not kidding, I coulnd't help laughing when he said it..with a completely serious "I'm a warrior dude" expression.

I don't doubt there are earnest practitioners of Shaolin Do who have some skill..but the system itself is a fabrication, and a bit of a marketing scheme.

Firstly the amount of stuff purported to be taught in the system is ludicrous, any traditional martial artist that claims they can teach something combatively worthwhile by teaching set after set and kata after kata should be questioned, less is more, and in the end the knowledge is either there to use all that stuff in the kata or it isn't.

Secondly, "Grandmaster The" has made some RIDICULOUS claims that basically amount to him having super powers, draw your own conclusions on that one.

Thirdly, the history of the style is clearly 100% BS to anyone who knows a little about the history of eastern martial art and culture, and one look at their "kata" and body mechanics will show that most of the syllabus is material which was learned in very shallow fashion and pasted on to the curriculum over the years.

Sorry to be so blunt but Shaolin Do is one of those things that's a very clear cut issue to my mind, anyone who wants to do a bit of digging will see what i'm talking about.

Again that's not to say there aren't individual practitioners of the style out there doing something worthwhile..the larger system they they are connecting themselves to though, IMO is not worth entertaining as any kind of quality training in traditional martial arts.

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