Shaolin-Do Katas are great for strength, balance, and coordination. The reason that SOME of the schools wear the karate uniform, and the reason that some japanese terminology is used in SOME of the Shaolin-Do schools is very clear, if you research the life of Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming. Those that that a limited education, or even much experience in Martial Arts (or Chinese history) should respect any Martial Art styles and not discount their life changing benefits because they don't understand a few minor details. Shaolin-Do has evolved over the past 4 decades and now is taught as Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu, and also as the original Shaolin-Do Karate, depending on the school. All schools are under the direction and sanction of Grandmaster The' (pronounced tay) and teach a wealth of great material. Like in a university, a student finds his own path of concentration and talent, after absorbing much beneficial material. One technique may be great for one person, but not work for another - however the principles behind the study are beneficial. Grandmaster The' is one of the most sincere and caring instructors that I have ever met in the over 40 years that I have personally known him. I have traveled the country, and worked out with many styles and schools, and I can honestly say the the Shaolin-Do practitioners are a close brotherhood of caring people - many with exceptional abilities and unique talent. That is probably why one U.S. school in the 1960s has spread to easily over 300 schools (or more)in almost every state and around the world.