This reminds me of our schools belt testings last year.
We share our dojo through park and rec in town. We have the room for our Monday and Wednesday class.We get one side and the Aikido class has the other side. Well our sensei always signs out the room on a Saturday for testing. Anyway our testing was scheduled over by some other activity.
What happened?
Garage testing is what happened. Sweet!! The space was tight, but throw down some mats and move the cars and WHA-BAM!!! Belt testing in a 2 car garage.
At least we were able to do the push-ups, crunches,.....(more pain inducing activities) outside.
Anyway that will always be remembered as a good time had by all. I liked it so much that I requested that we have another testing in the sensei garage.....No luck with that. I would guess that he had to clean up his garage and he didn't want to do that.

keep after it, Mark