Speaking of instructors, I sure am pleased with mine.He is so patient with our class.I can't imagine having to field some of the questions that come up in class.Believe me, I have asked some of the dumbest questions. You know the kind. The ones that after you say it you have the right answer in your head and wished that you kept your mouth shut. Oops. Any way last night in class my sensei dropped the bomb on us. WHA-BAM!! He said that three of us are going to be testing on May 7. We were looking around and I guess I'm testing for 5th kyu.
This certainly puts training into high gear. In our school the testing for rank are grueling, but when finished are so rewarding.
There will be more to come on this. This should be interesting in that this will be the first time that I will be the highest rank to be tested. I'm not so sure that I like that. I guess I will have to have some courage as I'm not particulary a good tester. NERVOUS NELLIE!

see you later, Mark