Thanks, Mark.
He's the best teacher of kata in our school. In fact, all of his classes are on katas, and the other instructors, and most black belts attend his classes regularly.
After I became comfortable with my first kata, and did it to his satisfaction, he asked me, since I will be tested in a few weeks, (white to orange belt) if I had learned the second kata yet.
I said no, and was told to bow out and sit.
My gut told me that I had better know something about the second kata before I came to his next class. I had a feeling that he wouldn't let me bow out the next time around, so I got with a friend from class, and he worked through it with me on a few occasions over the next two weeks until I was familar with it.
Sure enough, I was made to do that kata at his next class, and did pretty well. I have 6 months to perfect it before my next test, (orange to blue belt), but his prodding made me get off of my ass and learn it.
P.S.: In case you were curious, our school doesn't have a yellow belt rank for adults. They make you stay at white belt longer than most other schools, (usually six months minimum), Then they test us for orange belt.

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