We have an old instructor at our school who teaches a class on forms every other saturday morning. He's a 7th dan black belt.
His classes are great, and I learn a lot from them, but his personality is a bit harsh.
I think that he comes from the old school, when certain instructors wanted to be feared, with the intent that his students would try harder, ie: scare them into good karate.
At first I disliked the guy, and considered dropping his class, but even though his instructing style is rough, he's right on when he corrects me, and I do find myself thinking of his advice when I practice on my own.
I spoke with the owner of the school about it, and he laughed.
He explained that his bark is much worse than his bite, and if I could get past the personality, I would learn a lot.
He also explained that this instructor uses that approach to find out which students are willing to work through things in order to learn. In other words, he's trying to instill mental toughness in us along with the physical aspects of karate.
Now I find that I look foward to his classes because he brings a lot of knoweledge to the table, and I feel like I'm being challenged.
I guess that sometimes you have to have a thick skin, and give a little to get a lot.
That type of training isn't for everyone, but it motivates me to bring my A-game when I come to his class.

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