Throws can be good I guess. Judo throws and stuff.

Thing is, regardless of ego damage you can take advantage, ground and pound or whatever, stamp on the guy's nose.

So yeah, maybe some throws are useful. I've not done Judo formally but I've hip tossed slower aggressors. It doesn't happen often but it's useful. I think grappling take downs are more useful maybe (Can't remember the name of one I did in JKD class derived from Philipino styles, but they end up on the floor and you've got their arm trapped) and then you can REALLY end a fight if you're in that position.

Worst part I guess is that anyone who has speed, for instance how anyone jabs, you can't score the clasps, grips, throws etc that you'll need to pull off these moves.

Drunk people attacking you? Throw away.