I agree that marketing is a very important tool to use to have people want to check your school out.
My area probably has enough schools for it's size, but few of them are schools that I would want to learn at. My area karate schools have had a decline in enrollment largely due to the increasing popularity of MMA.
I chose karate because I was interested in it as a way of life rather than simply to fight.
Our school has a lot of kids, and adults range in age from 35 years old and up. We're missing the 20-35 year old age group largely because of the popularity of MMA.
Don't get me wrong....I have nothing against MMA, but I think that a lot of younger adults are impressed by the fighters that they see on T.V., and they feel like they can do that style also. The fact is, the pros do their MMA as a full time occupation, and it's pretty difficult to achieve that level while working full time and having a normal life, ect...

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