Hello Chung Hu:

<<seek out more experiences that I need tondard get where I want to go?

What experiences do you require? Is being in some kind of "fight" your true standard? Is being drawn into others foolishness, others vortex of personal issues/problems the best standard?

Does that mean those who have avoided the avoidable, not been sucked in to other peoples personal issues that their art somehow has no "value"? Hardly...

<<How do you determine what to absorb from various styles

You do not... you absorb whatever you are taught. Good or bad, you require time to engrain and absorb. There is no magic. You have spent more than a day or two at your art. You must determine what to do with it... whether you have the knowledge, the understanding of the information to share it with others.

Presentation of information is important and very different from simply knowing/understanding information. They are very different skills of which the presentation is the pinnacle, the most important aspect.