I have been studying JKD for 8 years now, I am very proud and loyal to my main instructor who has direct lineage to Dan Inosanto. The school has been struggling for about two years now and while this is not the first time for my instructor it is the first time I have experienced it. My main instructor is the only one left out of my 5 original instructors, I had dreams of teaching for him one day. Classes are now only on tuesday/thursday and I have found it difficult to get motivated to go on those days do to work/ being over weight/ unsure of how and what to train.

I was at another school when I started my MA journey 13 years ago and they had classes 6 days a week and I was really happy with my prgress.

I have not made any significant progress in the last 5 years and my fitness level has declined. I am confused as I am considering going to some other MMA school because they have classes more often and I could get back into "fighting shape". Other than the fact that I don't have the money to attend two schools I find myself fighting myself because I consider it dishonorable to my instructor to go to another school. I am disapointed in myself regularly because I don't go to the classes that are availible but I still want access to more so I can go more often when I am in better condition to go.

I guess that was the long way to ask this question......How do I remain loyal to myself and my instructor but seek out more experiences that I need to get where I want to go?

P.S. after thought....How do you determine what to absorb from various styles if you have never been in a real fight? I am afriad to train in something that I would not use because I "think" I could use it for real.

I feel lost.