i have always been interested in Drunken Boxing....i mean yea i have seen Jackie Chan in pretty much every movie use it and i must say....it has always interested me. only problem i have is that there isnt a local place in my area that teaches it.

as for the online courses, i dont know if i would want to do that. not that i dont trust or believe your Sifu. Drunken Fist is a great and very relaxed style but learning online i dont think would be a good enough way to do it. im going to consider it only because adding drunken footwork to my Mantis/Hsing-I would be great to have but....i just dont know

the information is great though! DrunkenLee thank you so much for providing it, as i will further investigate it smile

if you dont mind me asking, how long have you been taking Drunken Boxing? any information you can provide to me would be great as this style has always interested me.